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welcome to my website; wipe off your boots and put out your cigarettes, please. this is a place where i may post little blog entries about my life, creative writing, artwork, and...other stuff. i'm working on it. make yourself at home, try not to get your clothes caught on the nails.

latest blog entry:

jul 3 22 8.23 pm est

okay. shitt. i have been terrible at providing these little updates BUT i assure you this website is still being worked on all the time T_T

i have been working on redoing this layout with, uh....slightly less tangled spaghetti code and actual functionality on mobile. it's been difficult. i want to throw my computer at the wall.

i have also been working on a sub-section of this site, a radiohead fansite modeled after old ones from the 90s and early 2000s. i am working hard on it and will be very excited to share it with you all when it's done :)

....speaking of, the closest THE SMILE show near me is eight fucking hours away.... -_-

hoping to get a lot of coding done over the summer and maybe get this site to a point where most of the features i have planned at the moment are implimented and i can fucken be proud of this instead of embarrassed. until then...

other entries

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