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welcome to my website; wipe off your boots and put out your cigarettes, please. this is a place where i may post little blog entries about my life, creative writing, artwork, and...other stuff. i'm working on it. make yourself at home, try not to get your clothes caught on the nails.

latest blog entry:

may 1 22 10.38 pm est

wellshit! it's been long enough!

been working the past few weeks on completely overhauling this website. hope you like the new layout, i definitely do. there's still tons more work to be done. need to work on my domino page....rest in peace little buddy.......and upload some drawings, writings, etc.......i have a little comic i am going to make, inspired by TEST SPECIMENS and THE BUNNY SUICIDES. it's called MOSEY, about a gal named mosey and her partner dingo and they die on every page. very silly stuff overall nothing serialized.

ahhh i must leave you now....must go take a shower. goodnight folks

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